Henx Hospitality Group

Henx Hospitality Group is a luxury international hospitality group based in Stockholm and opertating in Dubai. HHG offers an exquisite range of premium hospitality services.

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Welcome to Henx Hospitality Group, the epitome of luxury events rooted in Stockholm, Sweden, and extending its global influence in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

From high-profile corporate gatherings to intimate soirées, our expertise spans event planning, and full exicution, catering, and entertainment, ensuring seamless, unforgettable moments.

At the heart of our commitment to excellence is our exclusive venture – Arctic Roe of Scandinavia. As co-owners, we bring the finest Swedish black caviar to the UAE, enriching gastronomic experiences and adding a touch of luxury to every event. Embark on the Henx Experience, where flawless execution meets immersive events.

Our seasoned professionals turn visions into realities, allowing you to revel in the magic of the moment. Indulge in luxury, embrace the extraordinary – Welcome to Henx Hospitality Group.

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